We offer a range of services to protect your crops and orchards from the weather.

We produce quality structures and canopies across all manner of crops and have the experience to deal with any complications that can arise. We work closely with you to achieve the best outcomes and results for your orchard to ensure the protection of your valuable crops.

Birdproof Structures

Don't lose your crops to birds or other animals which also leads to attracting wasps and opens vegetation up to disease.  We offer structures that offer the ultimate in protection to guard your precious vegetation.

Artificial Windbreakers

Our artificial shelters are quick to build and offer a protective solution for wind, sprays and dust. 

Shade Houses

Used to protect plants from excessive heat, light or dryness for your shade loving foliage.  Providing heat warming the soil inside whilst still letting it ventilate and escape.  Also protection from wind rain and animals.

Shelter Repairs

Sometimes you just need a little help. We can help you maintain  your shelters.  General repairs, relocations and pole replacement. We repair damaged cloth, reskinning. full replacement, etc.

Overhead Canopies

Invest in an overhead canopy solution to allow your crops to thrive in its controlled undercover environment.  With varied shade netting options protect your plants from the impact of extreme weather.  We can help you protect your product and provide a better climate for it to grow.


Need advice on what your need?  With our experienced consultation we will help you to achieve a plan which will help you achieve and maximize your growth potential.

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